Why is there is so much opposition to homeschooling, and why are state legislators constantly working to undermine our efforts and our freedoms?


Bill Bennett said during a discussion about education on Morning in America that one of the most important questions in the organization of society is “who gets to teach the children?”


It makes sense. If the parents are teaching the children, the children will assimilate the religious beliefs, the love of family, the culture in which they are raised, and the values of their parents. Children should be taught how to think. If the State teaches them, they will be taught what the State thinks they need to know. The two are not the same. The agents of the State think it is in the best interests of the society as a whole if all children are taught “tolerance,” diversity, sex education, environmentalism and other “ísms,” and what were once core subjects are often being neglected in favor of ideologies. These same educators are curiously intolerant of the values that many homeschooling families are teaching their children. Their diversity of thought is not acceptable.


So it boils down to the idea that whoever gets to teach the children gets to form their minds and attitudes. Minds that have been taught how to think rather than what to think are harder to manipulate. And the old saying that “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” is extended beyond the cradle.