When it comes to the socialization debate, I think many focus too much on having our kids be with their peers and they overlook the civilizing of our young. One need only spend a few moments in the mall to see that while many young people seem to feel comfortable in their little social group, they really do not know the first thing about civilized behavior. Their bizarre dress and hairstyles, the piercing and tattooing, the chains, the coarse language and wild music remind one more of primitive than civilized people. Many of them do not know how to show simple respect for their elders by offering their chairs, taking their hats off inside, holding doors for others to pass, etc.


The Greeks viewed education as the training of the children to be virtuous members of the society in which they lived. Education was the vehicle for the transmission of the Greek culture. Through education students were taught to distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, and they learned how to choose what was good and beautiful.

How did they accomplish that? There is much that we can learn from the Greeks by looking at the way they educated their children, and we will be exploring that in the coming days.