It is quiet here at home–all too quiet. Not the quiet we usually experience when we are all together in the same house, each doing his own reading or studying. This is different.

Our son Mike is spending the week at the US Naval Academy’s Summer Seminar. The purpose is to get a look at Academy life to see if he really wants to go there. It also gives the Academy the chance to look over potential candidates.

Mike is the youngest of our children and the only one left at home. He called and said he was dreading jumping off the 3-story tower into the deep pool below (I hope it is deep enough!) Wouldn’t you know, the cell-phone service tower near the Academy malfunctioned and we haven’t heard how his jump went.

Lord, teach me to trust. Surely they would have notified me if anything had happened…

I will be grateful to have him home tomorrow night. But it will only be for a day before he leaves again for the Air Force Academy Summer Seminar.

Mike has been homeschooled for eleven years. He is well prepared for the challenges life will offer, and he is eager to take them on.

All too often I hear parents anxious for the day they will have an empty nest. When I hear that I feel very sad for them and the children they are anxious to push out. We have them for so short a time. I am grateful that we have one more year with Mike under our wing. Then, who knows…a military academy or a university will welcome him in, and the quiet we are experiencing right now will be deafening.