The Rocky Mountain Catholic Homeschool Conference is over. So many months go into the preparation of something on such a grand scale and in a little over 48 hours it is finished. The organizers are to be commended for their hard work.


It was a joy to see so many young couples with babies in tow or “in the oven” coming to gain knowledge and encouragement as they begin their homeschooling journey. And of course, there were the seasoned parents who are teaching their teens. The conference had something for everybody.


Aside from the obvious good that came out of the conference, two things struck me.  One was the beauty of the music at the Masses. It was quiet and reverent, and everybody sang quite naturally, whether in English or Latin.


The second thing was Bishop Sheridan’s homily about John the Baptist, the only person other than Jesus and Mary whose birth the Church celebrates. What he said was that Christ, as the Light of the World, came into the world during the season when the days were starting to lengthen. John, on the other hand, came into the world during the season when the days begin to shorten. John had said, “I must decrease and Christ increase.” The symbolism of the summer and winter solstices was striking, and I had never heard it presented in that way before.


We have already turned the corner toward the shorter days of winter, and the first day of summer just arrived! Much the same happens in our lives as we educate our children. We are sometimes overwhelmed with what we have to do and we think there will never be enough hours in the day. And then one day, we have graduated a child and we wonder where the time went. When they were young, our role was so intense in their learning. As they got older, more and more of what they learned was on their own, using the skills we taught them. That isn’t to say that we were any less important in their lives, but our role changed as they grew older.

Lord, help us to cherish the moments we are given while we are in the midst of them. Thank you for the privilege of having our children and for the many graces You give us to teach them.