In a previous post, I wrote about the return of my son (the fledgling) from the Naval Academy Summer Seminar and his short visit home before he took off for the Air Force Academy.  We were eager to hear about his experiences at the Air Force Academy and a comparison of the two experiences.  But lo, that was not to be.


The fledgling returned to an empty nest.  My husband and I were called away to be my aged mother who seemed to be failing quickly, so we were not here when he returned from the Air Force Academy Summer Seminar.  He had so much he wanted to share with us, and had to settle for phone calls back and forth.


I returned home for a very short stay to speak at the Rocky Mountain Catholic Homeschool Conference.  I flew in the evening before the conference and after a delayed flight and an hour-and-a-half drive home, was pretty well worn out.  I had a few pressing things that couldn’t wait before the conference, and I did them mechanically. 


It was so good to see Mike and he was so eager to talk.  I managed for about half an hour and then told him I had to get to bed because I was beyond coherent.  He was so good about it but I know he was disappointed.  I went to bed and then I couldn’t sleep, thinking about how I had let him down.


The next morning, feeling only marginally rested, the two of us went to Denver for the conference.  He was such a help to me and so forgiving of my inability to communicate the night before.  He happily did the tech part of my computer power-point presentation, and I was grateful that we had several hours together afterward to reconnect.


My daughter Rebekah surprised me by driving up to the conference to be there for me when I spoke.  Mike cheerfully helped with whatever he was asked to do.  I thank God for the gifts He has given me in my children.  I treasure the moments, however small, however challenging.  And I learn so much from them—kids don’t hang on to disappointments and they are ever ready to forgive.    Who is homeschooling whom now?