I have not posted for awhile because I have been dealing with the death of my dear Mother.  Sometimes people say things like “you have to get back to real life” or “now I can get a life because I don’t have to worry about taking care of ….”  I always recoil at that because suffering and death are part of life, and taking care of others, no matter what their condition, IS life.  When we shield ourselves from the suffering, we miss out on a very important part of life.  Suffering makes no sense without God, and it gives us incredible opportunities to help in the redemption of mankind.

I have barely looked at blogs for over a month, but today I decided to start again.  Kitty pointed me to a blog I hadn’t seen but found very interesting.  Christmas is coming,  and once again we are made aware of how our habits of buying need to be examined.  This post about poinsettias is very interesting and I encourage you to tell your friends.

I intend to get back to homeschooling with the classics in the coming weeks, but I will always slip in thoughts about Catholic Family Life when the Spirit moves me.