I can’t seem to be able to get back into a routine. But this begs the question what is routine in life? On September 20 my daughter-in-law called around 6:00 am and said that was the day the baby was to be born. This is number 7 so I would say she was tuned in to real labor. The baby didn’t come till after 10:00 pm, however, so Paula was engaged the entire day with preparing for the birth.

Maria Isabel Andréa was born on the feast of St. Andrew Kim and she announced her presence with lusty cries. I have to admit that I haven’t heard her cry since, however. She is growing well and seems contented. She was welcomed into the family as the others have been–with gratitude and wonder.

So my “routine” hasn’t returned since the death of my mother and the birth of my 8th grandchild, but I am content with the life I have been given. I am thankful for the ebb and flow of life. I am thankful for the newness as well as the familiarity of life’s events. And I am grateful for all the life that has come into the family and for those who have entered eternal life. May they rest in peace and pray for all of us who still have earthly lives to fulfill.