This picture post wasn’t meant to be.  I posted it earlier but the pictures were too small to see clearly.  So I tried again but my skills at the computer are rudimentary at best, and they do not include sizing pictures.  So I can only share with you the two pictures that are 32 kb instead of 3 or 4 kb because I don’t know how to resize them.

Fall is my favorite season because we reap what we and others have sown.  This year we were blessed with lots of beans from our garden which all went into the freezer.  We made two kinds of pickles and canned a variety of jams, jellies and applesauce.  There is much satisfaction to be gained from seeing the canning jars all lined up and knowing that we will enjoy their contents all winter long.  The gifts are from God and each time we open a jar, we are reminded of His goodness in providing what we need.