benedict-with-prayerbook.jpgOne of our grandchildren stayed with us the other night.  He is two and very comfortable with us.  In the evening, we sat down to pray while he was playing in the center of the living room.  We thought he was oblivious to what we were doing, but were completely wrong.  At the first word of the “Sign of the Cross” he stopped what he was doing, made his own version of the “Sign of the Cross” and grabbed one of our family prayer books.  He then proceded to sit on his own chair and opened the book.  When we stood for the “Angelus” he also stood and faced the icon.  I could hardly concentrate on the prayers because I was so taken with his participation.

Afterward, after getting him ready for bed, we said his “Angel of God” prayer and, seeing the crucifix, he said, “kiss Jesus.”  He is learning it somewhere……..