These twelve days after Christmas are rich in tradition and the Church puts before us many wonderful saints to emulate.  She begins with St. Stephen, the first official deacon and martyr.  However, a couple of days later we celebrate the feast of the Holy Innocents, who actually died before St. Stephen.  They were the baby boys killed in Bethlehem on Herod’s orders.  Our Blessed Mother is honored on the feast of the Holy Family and then on the feast of the Mother of God.   The “other” English Thomas was honored on the fifth day of Christmas.   It was a good time to watch the movie Becket which has been recently released in DVD format.  The lead actors are Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole and they do a fantastic job of portraying the vice which was typical of men of power in those days.  The movie dosen’t just portray vice, though, because once Becket was the Archbishop, he lived a life of virtue.  His dedication to the Church led to his murder at the order of his onetime friend, King Henry II.    The feast of Thomas Becket is past, but it isn’t too late to enjoy the movie.