Today the Church puts St. Elizabeth Ann Seton before us as a saint to venerate and model ourselves after.  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton literally had it all and then lost it.  She was born into a family of privilege, married, had a number of children, some of whom died at a young age, and was left a young widow when her husband lost both his wealth and his health.  She converted to Catholicism which did not help her social standing at all, and she proceded forward to found the Sisters of Charity who became a teaching order of nuns.  Due to the efforts of St. Elizabeth and later on, St. John Neumann whom the Church puts before us tomorrow, the parochial school system was founded and expanded.  We are beneficiaries of the foundation laid for good Catholic education, and should ask both of these saints to pray for us and our children as we teach them at home. 

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