I am in the process of creating a spread sheet of sorts with the titles of all the movies I can come up with that relate the stories of the saints.  We have flexibility in our teaching at home, and after having read a bit about the saint of the day, during the time alloted for religious instruction, why not watch a movie about that saint if one is available?  I will provide links to the movies in case you can’t find them at your local library or video store.

So far for January, I have only come up with John Bosco.  His feast is on January 31.  Two movies that I have found are St. John Bosco:  Mission to Love  and Don Bosco.  John Bosco was a holy priest whose mission was to the abandoned children of the streets.  His story appeals to children as well as young people and adults.  For a model of priesthood and selflessness he’s the man!