We went to Estes Park, Colorado, to celebrate our 38th anniversary.  We always like to be outside when we are up there because there are plenty of places to walk, and usually plenty of elk to see.  Alas!  This time the weather was foul.  It was icy cold and unusually windy, so we were not inclined to spend time outside.  Even a drive into Rocky Mountain National Park left us feeling deprived of our nature fix.  The wind was drifting snow across the road and there wasn’t a wild animal to be seen.

But there is something nice about just enjoying the quiet.  We found a great Thai restaurant where the “medium” hot was enough to make Larry’s eyes water. 

After 38 years, we still enjoy time together.  I pray there will be many more such anniversaries, even if the weather is less than delightful.  Being married in January, what can we expect?