I was recently reading at World Net Daily about a contanimated drug called heparin that is used for thinning blood, and is produced in (you guessed it) China.  That got me thinking about other drugs which are more widely used, like aspirin.  I had bought Walmart’s brand of aspirin and on reading the label, saw that it was distributed (not made) by LNK.  On further investigation I found that LNK has been in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission for misleading customers into believing that the drug is American in origin, when in fact, it is not.  I couldn’t get to the bottom of where the aspirin actually comes from, but my pharmacist told me boatloads of drugs are coming from China and India.  In the case of heparin, the FDA had failed to inspect the plant in China that produces it. 

I had to do some digging to find American-made (in the USA) aspirin and found that the major brands still are.

Isn’t it interesting how difficult it is for American drug manufacturers to get a drug on the market and how easy it is for drugs to get into the country legally from a country that has established its own reputation for dangerous, contaminated, and poor quality goods, not to mention terrible working conditions and deplorable oppression?  Does this make sense?   

If we would all look at the labels on products we buy and let retailers know that we do not want Chinese goods, we might have an impact on what is available.  At least, be suspicious when the label reads “distributed by” or “packaged by” instead of “made in USA,” especially when it comes to what you put into your or your childrens’ bodies.