In previous posts, I recommended movies to watch in January and February.  March will soon be upon us (like tomorrow!) and there are two March saints about whom movies have been made.  Beginning with St. Patrick, who lived in the 400s and whose feast is March 17, we have St. Patrick:  Apostle of Ireland, a documentary which was filmed on location.  It gives wonderful insights into the man behind the legends.  Also about St. Patrick is  St. Patrick:  The Irish Legend  which is a dramatic story of the life of St. Patrick and stars Patrick Bergin, Malcolm McDowell and Susannah York.  For children, there is Patrick, Brave Shepherd of the Emerald Isle which is animated and entertaining for younger children.

Good St. Joseph, whose feast is on March 19, is always linked with the Nativity and there aren’t any videos that I can find which focus on him.  But a couple of choices for his feast would be The Story of the Nativity which is told by Catholic apologists and scholars. It is beautifully illustrated and filmed on sight in the Holy Land.  For a slightly less typical portrayal of Joseph, try Mary of Nazareth:  From Nativity to Calvary.   Joseph is a younger man than we are accustomed to seeing, and there are a few things in this film, like the placement of the Magnificat which seem a bit odd, but the basic story is there.


I would love to see a movie focused on St. Joseph.  We don’t know a lot about him from the Scriptures, but what we do know is that he was faithful, strong, trusting and entirely a man of virtue.  Being chosen as the head of the Holy Family placed a huge responsibility on him, and difficult as it must have been, he obeyed the inspirations which were conveyed to him in dreams to protect Jesus and Mary as long as he lived.  St. Joseph and St. Patrick, pray for us.