Do you remember your own first communion?  I remember mine almost as if it were 50 years ago!  Actually, what I remember are the memories created by pictures I have seen of my first communion back at Holy Angels Catholic Church in Globe, Arizona. 


 I still have my first communion dress and veil which my daughter wore 19 years ago. 


I hope her daughter Bella (and any future daughters will also wear it).  When my mother died and we were going through her treasures, I found my first communion rosary and missal.  (The missal is not the one in the picture of me–that was a prop missal the photographer had in his studio).


They are truly treasures to me and a link to my childhood, and I was so grateful my mother had saved them all these years.

Do you know anybody preparing for first communion?  How about giving them a gift which they will cherish?  Need some ideas