Sometimes you have to laugh or die or die laughing… 

Case in point:

We are trying to sell off some older cars and narrow the fleet down to two newer vehicles with warranties because we have spent a fortune in car repairs over the last few months. 

We left early in the morning to go to Mass to start our day out right.  From there we headed to the Motor Vehicle Department (DMV) to register a recently purchased car.   This was only one in a series of trips made to the same department for the same car–each time being turned away because of some paperwork glitch.  We would return only to be told there was yet another…and another…you get the picture.

Well on a check of all the papers before arriving, I discovered that the proof of insurance had just expired, so we had to detour and have a copy of it faxed to our office.  Then, thinking everything was in order,  we drove across town and I walked back into the DMV and took my ticket #41.  They were serving #9 when I arrived.  So I waited, and waited till they called me.  I was sure I would be out of there within a few minutes.  Well, I was out of there within a few minutes but WITHOUT MY REGISTRATION!!!

The clerk discovered that the form the DEALER had just used a couple of days before to certify the VIN was out of date and they could not accept it.  We had paid $20 for the VIN verification and who would have thought WE would know that the form wasn’t current?  So we drove back to the dealer and waited in line to see a service manager and get a new certification of the VIN.  We must have been given the only out-of-date form because the stack he had was all current.  Anyway, we went back to the DMV and finally got our registration.

We then went to look for another car to replace two remaining vehicles.  What we thought would only be a couple of hour excursion took all day.  While we were waiting for them to crunch the numbers, I went into the rest room.  I looked down at my feet and this is what I saw:  Yes–if you look closely, you will see that my shoes didn’t match!!! I had slipped into my shoes in the dark garage before we left in the morning and didn’t think about my shoes again.  (AND TO THINK I HAD A MATCHING SET JUST LIKE THESE BACK HOME IN MY DARK GARAGE!!!) I fled from the restroom and told my husband that I had to run over to Wal-mart to buy a pair of shoes.  Well, I have narrow feet and could not find a proper fit, but I took a pair that seemed close enough under the circumstances. I dodged people in every aisle, just sure that now that I was aware of my shoes, everybody was aware.   I went back to the dealer and we took off to another part of town to look at another car, but not before getting lunch.  I stepped out of the car in front of a restaurant and, you guessed it, I tripped on the curb because of my new shoes which were too clunky on my feet.  Out of the restaurant a smiling face appeared and the kind gentleman said,

“Since you are DROPPING in, would you like some pizza?”

I declined and we went to the Subway next door!  Nothing hurt but my pride.

Is God perhaps telling me to slow down and live in the moment, even down to paying attention when I thoughtlessly slip my shoes on in the morning?