This is probably the most difficult Mother’s Day for me to anticipate, because it is the first for me without my own dear mother who died last year. My Mom was just a little over a month short of 93 years of age. Mom was born in Tumacacori, Arizona, not far from the Mexican border in a little house which still stands by the highway. She grew up in that area, went to school and was then homeschooled by her own mother, learning Latin and reading Homer and Plato. She married my Dad in 1939 and together they had seven children. Mom dedicated her life to taking care of my Dad and the family. She moved all over the country because my Dad’s work took us all over the country. She was a gracious hostess and entertained people from all over the world in that capacity. There was no finer cook–I can still taste the simple pleasures of caldo, tamale pie and her refried beans. I learned a lot from my wonderful Mom–most importantly to trust in God ( I can still hear her say “con el favor de Dios“) and to love family. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, and all you Moms out there.