I will be speaking about the idea of beauty at an upcoming conference, and have been considering beauty as expressed in different media.  One medium that affects us all is music, which has the power to move people to tears, to move them to war, to move them to destruction, or to move them to revolution.

We went to see a documentary film called The Singing Revolution yesterday in Denver.  This film tells the story of how music was used to overthrow decades of Soviet oppression in the little Baltic nation of Estonia.  Without raising a weapon, thousands of people succeeded in bringing down their slavemasters through their music. 

Don’t let the term “documentary” scare you off.  Please try to see it.  You will be drawn in by the story and the beautiful music.  Imagine 24,000 people singing in tune skillfully following a conductor while the Soviet army stands helplessly by.  This film is a “must-see,” but like so many good movies in the last few years (The Passion of the Christ, Bella, etc.) it won’t come to a theater near you unless you request it.  Please take a few moments to check out the website and then call your local theaters and ask them to bring this wonderful film to your city.  Then, encourage your family and friends to go see it.  It is a bit of history about which few are aware and it is presented in a way that will lift your spirits.  Your young teens and older will enjoy the movie.  The music which brought about this revolution was set to a national poem and was banned by the Soviets, but the people managed to sing it anyway and by doing so, kept hope for freedom alive in their hearts.

 One of the lessons I took away from the movie is the importance of love of country in the survival of a people and a culture.  Unfortunately, often people do not realize how good their own country is until they lose their freedoms and suffer oppression for decades as millions did under Soviet domination.