Much has happened since I last posted, but one of the most significant things is that our youngest child graduated.  I am posting pictures to give you a flavor of how the event went.

We set up a canopy and tents to accomodate our 130 guests and protect them from the wind and threatening rain



We graduated 4 wonderful young men. 

We had a priest, Fr. Shane Lambert from the Legion of Christ, give the blessings, and then General Bentley Rayburn addressed the graduates.  His talk was so good–he spoke to the guys about living their lives always informed by their Christian faith, and he used Nehemiah as an example of leadership.  He was a good choice.  An elder in the Presbyterian Church and currently running in the primaries for state representative in our district, his were words every Christian should live by.






Each Dad presented his own son’s diploma and said a few words before turning the microphone over to his son.  The guys all did an outstanding job of addressing the audience, each one unique in his delivery and message.  There were tearful moments and laughter. 







Chris received an appointment to the Air Force Academy Prep School, and Mike received an appointment to the Air Force Academy and Air Force ROTC.  The awards were presented by Lt. Col. Kadlubowski







After the final blessing we served a meal and were then entertained by Cerulean Blue, a band made up of family and friends.