Katie, Steve, Paige and John Rees L’Angelus

There are many benefits to having a Catholic business, and one of the best is the opportunity it provides to meet wonderful people.  Yesterday, we had a one-of-a-kind experience in the visit of these four beautiful young people.  They are the band called L’Angelus, and their style is cajun, with a mix of many sounds.   These young people were taught music by their mother who apparently is a wonderful singer.  They are a Catholic family with two sets of children, these four older ones and the Humanae Vitae kids who were welcomed into the family after many years of not understanding the Church’s teaching on marriage and family.  The oldest of the last four is known as the “change of heart” child, there being about 20 years difference between the youngest of the first four and the oldest of the second four. 

The music is lively and reflective of the love for family which still exists in the cajun culture.  The dad, John Rees, Sr. defends the Catholic nature of their culture, striving to keep that part alive and not having the culture reduced to food and song.   While the music often deals with food and family, it also reflects the deep faith of the family as reflected in the Sorrowful Mysteries and St. Cecilia Waltz

This is a homeschooled family.  They don’t show any signs of “socialization deficit” for the experience.  Rather, they are outgoing, intelligent and talented.  They are using their gifts to build up their family and to spread the “good news.”  As they say, “Life is good, Ca c’est bon!” 

We were blessed to have them in our midst yesterday, and we hope it was the first of many such visits.