When I compiled the list of saint movies by date, there were two saint movies for August, but one which is about Edith Stein is no longer available unless you can get hold of a VHS format.  Her story is good, though, so you might want to read about her instead.  There are many options,  and this extraordinary woman who converted from  Judaism to Christianity and then became a Carmelite nun who died at Auschwitz has much to teach us.  Her feast day is August 9. 

Maximilian Kolbe, also an Auschwitz martyr,  is celebrated by the Church on August 14.  This humble man, a Conventual Franciscan, had a great love for the Blessed Mother and took the name Maximilian Maria in her honor.  He founded the  Immaculata Movement  which was dedicated to converting sinners, opposing freemasonry, spreading devotion to the Miraculous Medal and of course spreading devotion to the Blessed Mother.

Suffering from tuberculosis, Maximilian was tireless in spreading devotion to Our Lady, and he published  a magazine called Knight of the Immaculate.  He also printed a Catholic daily newspaper.  He went to Japan to spread the devotion there, founded a monastery, and printed a Japanese version of his magazine. 

He  returned to Poland because of his poor health and started a radio station.  His monastery there had 800 men and was completely self-sufficient.  Monasteries were a target for the Nazis, and on September 19, 1939, he was arrested following the Nazi invasion of Poland.  He was held briefly and then released, but was arrested again when the Nazis thought his presses were being used for anti-Nazi publications.   He was sent to Auschwitz and there, after serving his fellow prisoners and being terribly abused by the guards, gave his life in exchange for the life of a married man with young children.  You can learn more about him in this film. and this one.

The Feast of the Assumption is celebrated on August 15, so it is also a good time watch any of a number of good films about the Blessed Mother.  For this month, I suggest Mary, the Mother of God, another in the series of the Footprints of God.