Letting go…

We will be letting go of our youngest child on Saturday, August 30 when we leave him at the University of Dallas.  It was not easy letting the oldest go, nor those in between, and this is going to be equally challenging. 

We homeschooled Mike from the beginning, so we have been in charge of all of his academic education, with some help from our friends who were better at some subjects than I was and the local junior college.  Thank you Peggy, Dr. Cichon and Jennifer, and all you wonderful homeschool moms who worked so diligently to make the co-op what it is today and who put together activities for the good of all the youngsters in our homeschool group.

I am not alone in letting go this August.  My friend Sharon saw her youngest off to Benedictine last week, and another friend, Becki, saw her oldest child off to the seminary.  Karen will soon be seeing her second child leave for the Air Force, Peggy will see her third off to school in New York,  Aline just tearfully bid her oldest goodbye as he left for the army, and Linda was the first of my circle of friends to see her son off this summer when he went to the Air Force Academy prep school back in July.  We are all different ages, but we are experiencing similar life transitions and a bit of angst at seeing our kids leave.  I hope all these young people are pumped up about their futures and the challenges that await them.  I also hope you, dear friends, know what a fine job you did raising and teaching them.  It is OK to shed a tear now and then as you remember the past and look forward to interacting with your wonderful kids in their new adult skins, for when they return to visit, they will bring new experiences from being responsible for themselves, and hopefully a few ounces of wisdom!  You are all in my thoughts and prayers.