So…..we took off after enjoying the beautiful sunrise.  We drove for an hour before finding a Cracker Barrel

for the kind of breakfast Larry and Mike enjoy–especially the biscuits. 

Then, we continued traveling east to get Mike signed in for ROTC before arriving at UD in Irving, Texas.  UD has a cross-town agreement with several universities for ROTC students.  This was a MAJOR snag.  We went into the unit office and though he introduced himself, they didn’t know who he was or what he was doing there.  So the officer started to tell Mike about ROTC and I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and told him that Mike had already been awarded a scholarship and was there to report.  They had no paperwork for him and require all kinds of documentation that I have at home and could easily have brought with us.  So when we return home I have to look for all these papers and send them overnight.  For those of you who know what a paperwork nightmare the application process for ROTC and the service academies was, this should come as no surprise.

More tomorrow as we figure out how to get everything settled.