The officer we spoke to at NTU told Mike to return that afternoon at 3:30 to get his paperwork started and to be issued his physical training uniform, etc.  After the disappointment with not being able to sign in at ROTC, we left for the highlight of Mike’s trip.  The University of Dallas, you might ask?  No……………………


The car.  

He bought a car on Ebay back in July.  The car was in Dallas so he arranged to pick it up when we arrived.  Today was the day.  We drove to Grand Prairie to meet his 1999 Volvo V70R wagon.  His excitement was palpable, and he was not disappointed.  It is a beauty—and it is loaded with anything they can put on a car.  He got it at a great price and we think it will be perfect for him, because he has to haul his stuff back and forth at the end of each school year.  Nothing can be left on campus during the summer months or while he spends his semester in Rome next year. 

The paper process had been accomplished ahead of time, so after he signed the release, off he and his dad drove for the nearest gas station.  I followed in our car and dad and son got to enjoy the newness of the experience in Mike’s first real car together.  It was so much fun to see Mike like a kid with his new toy.  He is going to put a lot of miles on this vehicle as a young adult over the next four years while he drives it to and from Colorado as well as to and from Denton every week.  I pray it will serve him well.