Letting go, part 6

After an already full morning in Denton, TX and picking up Mike’s car, we finally arrived in Irving where the University of Dallas is located.  This is not a large school and immediately we were meeting people with like values and connections to people we know in one way or another.  The process of getting orientation packets and Mike’s room key and ID card was easy, and we were soon on our way to find his room in Madonna Hall.  The rooms, as you can see, are pretty basic and non-descript.  Before long, Mike and Larry unloaded the car (which breathed a sigh of relief) and Mike was putting things away.  He had to report to ROTC in Denton, 35 miles north, so he took off and we went to find our hotel.  Unfortunately, when he arrived at the appointed time and place in Denton, nobody was to be found, so he still has not completed any business there.  He drove back to UD and we saw him briefly before he had to leave for dinner and orientation activities.

The University had a lovely orientation dinner for the parents and we met some wonderful couples from California, Hawaii and Louisiana.  Dallas has a reputation for orthodoxy and that is what attracted many of these parents and their students in the first place.  Add to that a unique core curriculum and a Rome program without parallel and you have first class university.  Since this is our third student at this university, we felt immediately at home with the surroundings.  This would be Mike’s first night in his new surroundings with a with a roommate, and our first in 34 years as empty-nesters.  That fact probably won’t completely hit us until we return home to the nest…