We met up with Mike in the morning for the welcome address by the university president, Dr. Lazarus, and then we parted company for the various orientation meetings for students and parents.  Then we re-connected for lunch at the dining hall where Mike will be taking his meals.  The food was great, but probably not what the students will be served on a daily basis.

This was the day to take care of business.  Our hands are tied because Mike has to have a two-hour meeting with the Admin Spec to complete the ROTC paperwork 35 miles north before he is official,  but he was able to get his book allowance by showing his official letter from ROTC headquarters in Alabama. 

The busyness of the day was interrupted by the announcement by John McCain of Sarah Palin as his running mate.  This was exciting news for Mike who had been rooting for her for weeks.  He has a friend who almost single-handedly led the charge to get her on the ballot.  He did it through his blog, and you can read about him here.  Congratulations, Adam!  Now let’s hope she is all that people hope she will be.

Larry tried to get the paperwork completed to register Mike’s car, but to get a VIN verification in Texas, you have to get an appointment at the impound yard, and they never returned Larry’s calls.  So Mike will have to do that on top of everything else on Tuesday of next week.

They kept the new students very busy today.  We met up with some home-town people that we hadn’t seen in years and took a walk to the beautiful Cistercian Abbey which is a short jaunt from the campus.  Many of the UD students attend Mass there because it is so beautifully celebrated with Gregorian chant sung by the monks.  After dinner in the Ratskeller, Mike and his new-found friend took off to the next orientation activity and we went to the final parent reception before leaving for the hotel. 

Those moments of emotion hit at the oddest times, but we know everything is going to be OK.  This evening’s goodbye wasn’t too bad because I knew we would see Mike in the morning before leaving for home.