Homeschooling gives you the opportunity to train your children in civic responsibility and action that makes sense.  It goes beyond teaching them to recycle and save the planet, and even affords you the opportunity to ask the question “save the planet from what or whom?”

Another thing that homeschooling provides is a context for thinking.  If you follow a good plan, the Classics for instance, you introduce your children to the great thinkers of Western Civilization, from Moses to Chesterton.  By studying their ideas, you help your children to understand why we believe and behave as we do.  You help them to understand the background of our government and the teachings of the Church, especially those regarding life.   You help them to see that most of our ideas are not new; rather they are rooted in the prayerful consideration of the meaning of life which has gone on for thousands of years.

In 2008,  Archbishop Chaput spoke to the ENDOW conference in Denver.  The title of his talk was “The Homicides involved in Abortion are ‘Little Murders.'”  The good Archbishop has a clear view of history and an understanding that history has a way of repeating itself.  Please take time to read his address to the conference, and you might want to look up some of those people he mentions along the way if you haven’t had the benefit of a classical education.  It is never too late to begin…