By now everybody has read all the pundits on what the election means for America.  What I have taken away from all this is that the Republicans lost because they have lost their conservative roots.  They have thought that the way to win is to move left.  They have compromised themselves out of existence, and if the choice is between full-fat liberal and liberal light, people will take the full-fat over the blander light.

There are going to be some hard battles ahead for the American family.  But the votes in the warm states of Arizona, Florida and California have proven that the traditional family still has a fighting chance in this country.  It is a miracle those amendments passed in Florida and California, considering how the rest of the votes went, but hey, we’ll take it.   It is particularly in this arena that our bishops need to stand firm, beginning NOW.  The 11th-hour efforts were greatly appreciated by this writer, but it was a bit too late to change the hearts of the people.  What we need is consistent teaching all the time, not just in times of crisis, and it is time for the bishops to excommunicate those who are defiant in their anti-life activities.  Merely denying Communion obviously has not been enough.  The people are disheartened.  Now that there is no election to contend with for a few years, I hope the bishops will get tough and remember that souls are at stake.  Many of them let the Bishop’s Conference speak for them rather than speaking out themselves.  Read about Bishop Vasa, a man who speaks for himself and says “I answer to the Holy See, I don’t answer to the USCCB.” 

And now it is time for the Republican party to shed some of its dead weight and start regrouping for 2012 with some real conservatives.  I hope they bring Sarah back.