We have a greenhouse which was a homeschool highschool project for one of our sons.  He figured out all the angles for the roof, helped his Dad draw up the plans, and was instrumental in the construction of it.  Our daughter and I painted the inside and all the kids helped to till the soil, plant the strawberries, tomatoes and asparagus, and they all worked in it as part of their homeschool science studies.  

In the last couple of years, I haven’t spent much time out there, and I rarely ever visited the greenhouse once the tomatoes had been harvested.  But I went out there the other day and saw something I have not seen before–and we have had the greenhouse for 10 years!

We grow asparagus in one of the upper beds and we enjoy it in the spring.  After it stops producing, we leave the stalks and ferny growth because somebody said that helps the asparagus grow and reproduce for the next season.  That is what you see in these pictures.  When I walked into the greenhouse, I was struck by the beauty.  And who would have guessed that asparagus produce such pretty red berries?




The last grasshopper of summer