We honor the Holy Innocents, or do we?  This is something my husband and I are puzzling about.  Traditionally, the Church has honored those babies who were slaughtered on Herod’s orders while he was hunting out the Christ-Child.  However, the Church has since added the Feast of the Holy Family as the feast to be celebrated on the first Sunday after Christmas.  (Will that supercede the Holy Innocents?) 

Usually, we say Morning Prayer together, but it didn’t work out that way today.  My husband used the Office for the Holy Family, I used the Office for Holy Innocents!  We are One Church, right?  But this is where it gets complicated having one foot in the New Right and the other in the Extraordinary Form. 

Tonight some friends who belong to a parish which uses the Extraordinary Form of the Mass are hosting a Holy Family Ball.  This is a wonderful event where people dress FORMALLY.  Yes, that means tuxedos and formals, and it is for the entire family.  It is the one opportunity in the year for everybody to dress in his formal clothes, dance and mingle with other families who not only honor THE Holy Family, but the Holy Innocents as well.

Today, in a special way, we remember all those babies who have been lost either through miscarriage (two of our grandchildren and two of our own) disease,  abortion or bad medicine (our own Erin).  We also offer a special prayer to the Holy Family for our own families, that we may imitate their virtue.