We generally celebrate St. Elizabeth Seton, the great convert from Anglicanism who left her mark not only in the establishment of orphanages and hospitals, but in the establishment of the Catholic School system in America.  Not bad for a widow and mother of five children, thrown into poverty and rejection because of the death of her husband and her conversion to Catholicism.  In addition, she founded the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul.

“Mother Seton was canonized a saint in 1975—the first native-born North American to be thus honored. In addition to being the patroness of Catholic schools, she is also the patroness of parents who have lost children, people who are ridiculed for their piety and those who have problems with their in-laws.”  (See link to St. Elizabeth Seton).

Mother Seton teaches us that setbacks in life need not paralyze us.  They can serve to strengthen us and can be a catalyst for reaching beyond our own problems to help others whose problems are even greater. 




I began by saying that we generally celebrate Mother Seton on this eleventh day of Christmas, but the Church, in order to facilitate the celebration of some feastdays by the maximum number of people has moved the celebration of Epiphany to this Sunday.  I will write about Epiphany on Tuesday, January 6, which is the universal date for its celebration.

Today I pray for all my homeschooling friends and family, that through the intercession of St. Elizabeth Seton, their zeal for teaching their children the Faith and all the other subjects will be blessed.  I also pray that they will not get discouraged by the ups and downs which are inherent in their vocations of wife, mother and teacher.