CPSIA is very bad law, and it is going to affect you and everybody you know come February 10.  It is a gross example of laws being created in the heat of a crisis without consideration of the consequences.

In effect, millions of small businesses could be put out of business overnight.  This law requires anybody who sells anything for children to have every lot certified “safe” by a testing lab.  (Wonder how big a payoff was made to the drafters of this legislation by testing labs!)   It is retroactive and includes all products for children.   This is a result of the toxic garbage we import from China, but now our people will be punished.   And we thought we were being responsible by limiting what we buy from China.  Think about it.  Every badge, pinewood derby car, pin, uniform item, etc at your local boy scout office will have to be tossed unless they can provide a certificate proving each item is safe.  Multiply this by millions of stores and organizations, crafters, etc.  that sell items for children and don’t have “safe” certificates.  Will the environmentalists scream bloody murder at the sight of millions of tons of goods being tossed into the landfills?  Will anybody scream bloody murder at the sight of millions of people going bankrupt? 

Does this law make sense?  Please contact your congressmen and senators and let them know what you think about CPSIA.  But time is of the essence–it goes into effect less than 4 weeks from now.  The CPSIA information hotline is not operational yet.  I wonder why?