It all went so quickly. Before we knew it, Mardi Gras was coming and in the blink of an eye it was gone. At work we had a Mardi Gras luncheon and I decided to make a King’s Cake.  I didn’t know what it was actually, and I envisioned making my super chocolate cake in a bundt pan, decorating it like a crown, and then taking that in.  But when I got on the internet to see what it should look like, I discovered that king’s cake is actually a bread with a baby (plastic of course) or a coin baked inside. kings-cake1

I found a wonderful recipe here and proceeded to make it.  In the process I learned that even when the jelly roll-up is done evenly, the bread doesn’t always rise evenly, so mine was not perfectly round.  I also learned that Mardi Gras colors mean something:  gold stands for power, green for faith, and purple for justice.

From Mardi Gras the move to Ash Wednesday is very quick and almost jarring.  From revelry (OK, we didn’t revel) to the austerity of Lent is a stark contrast.  It is a blessing from the Church that we have this time to re-evaluate our past year since Lent ended and realign our habits.  I know I have eaten more than I should and prayed less than I should and probably picked up other bad habits as well.  So with the memory of King’s Cake still fresh, I am looking forward to fewer rich foods and more time for quiet and prayer.  St. Teresa of Avila said Lent was the time for obrar y callar. That is to say, Lent is a time to act (do what we must, pray, etc. ) and to be quiet.  That will be my challenge.  How about you?