mike-leaving-after-spring-break2Today our “baby” is 19 years old. 


I was one of those “older” moms who was told that because of my age, I should have amnio “just in case.”  The implication was that if my baby was “defective” I could abort it.  Of course, I refused.  And we have been blessed to have a child at home well into our 50s. 

Mike has been a joy in our lives beyond measure.   He kept us hopping the whole time he was home, not being a quiet pensive child.  We love his energy, which though sometimes exhausting, keeps us engaged.  And we love the fact that even when we have had to correct him, Mike comes back with affection and love.  He doesn’t hold grudges and he gets over things quickly like his maternal grandfather.

Now that Mike is in college, our house is quiet and he is missed.  We love it when he comes home and brings his friends, and we look forward to summer when he returns.   I will miss being able to provide a meal of his choice today.

Indeed, “Children are a gift of the Lord.”  God grant him many happy years.