This is the blizzard that was, the storm that wasn’t.  I have figured out that the weathermen are paid extra to distract us from what is going on in Washington by hyping the weather to keep us tuned in.  On and off this year we have been told that “the big one” is coming, bringing with it “up to 18 inches of snow.” 

Well, I have learned that a blizzard is defined by the wind and blowing snow, and we have had that, but nowhere have 18 inches of snow fallen except in the mountains.  As a matter of fact, IF we have gotten 5 inches, I will be surprised.  What has managed to fall out of the sky has quickly been blown to Kansas.   Yesterday the wind was positively unrelenting.

Some photos:


In our storm of 1997, there was a 9-foot drift in front of the barn!  This blizzard didn’t create enough snow for a 2-foot drift.


There was snow in the air all day, but it was just being moved from one spot to the other by the wind


In spite of the wind and cold temperatures, the birds managed to empty the birdfeeders


The wind managed to do some decorating for us.  Don’t you think the garbage can in the front yard is a nice touch?





The early morning sun sent it rays through the trees with the promise of a brighter day. 

Spring in Colorado.  You gotta love it!