We left Warner Robins early and drove 2 1/2 hours to Acworth, north of Atlanta. My goal was to arrive before the first speaker took the podium so that I could ensure that there would be no technical glitches between my computer and the college media system.  Bill was there to help me and we were not able to stabilize the picture on the wall where it was being projected.  So they called in the campus IT guy who diddled for a good 45 minutes trying to figure out the problem.  Turns out it was a broken jack on the stage which had to be replaced. tech-problem-solver-daniel

Moral of story–always arrive early enough to check out the AV system.  To do anything else is to court disaster.

Once that was settled we went to a speaker’s luncheon.  Unfortunately the restaurant was closing for good that night–the economic downturn has hit everywhere.  So we had a harried lunch and then went to the conference.

The conference was beautifully organized but not well attended unfortunately.  Fr. Joseph Fessio was the keynote speaker but his plane was delayed and once he finally landed, he got stuck in traffic.  So when he finally arrived, he combined his talk with the Mass.  He did a beautiful explanation of the Mass of Vatican II and then celebrated it.  If this Mass had not been hijacked, I doubt there would have been so many problems after the Council.  As he explained it, most of the options allowed after the Council were ignored, and people took the most simplified, stripped-down path for the Mass, leaving it lacking in beauty and reverence.  fr-fessio

It was quite late after the Mass but the organizers had planned a delightful dinner for us at an Italian restaurant called Fusco’s.  We were in a building that had been a jail a long time ago–the building is over 100 years old.  It was good to relax, talk and laugh after a long day.  fuscos-restaurant-acworth-ga


The only creature to ever escape from the jail was a donkey.  The jail is now being used for restaurant storage.


A tired but uplifted group after a long day.