Georgia, Day 3

Our day began early with another Mass of Vatican II celebrated by Fr. Fessio.  There were very few people in attendance—maybe 20.  That is such a shame because it contains the best elements of the Pre-Vatican II Mass and the Novus Ordo.  The best part of the Novus Ordo has not been experienced  by most people, unfortunately.

We spent the morning at our table in the vendor hall talking to people.  One feature of this conference was that it was made up of a very young crowd.  Almost all of the parents either had a baby/toddler in tow or one “in the oven, ” with a few older siblings as well.  I enjoyed visiting with the people and hearing their experiences.  Many are homeschooling and having children in the face not only of societal pressure not to, but also in the face of familial pressure which is almost harder to deal with than the societal pressure.    They are brave souls indeed, trying to live in fidelity to the Church and raise good families. 

We realized at 1:00 that we needed to hit the road in order to be able to mail the unsold books.  Well we missed the post office deadline and had to go to a UPS store instead.  That cost way too much because of their surcharge, and besides, we are not impressed with UPS right now.  But they had us, so we left the boxes and headed for our destination of Dobbins Air Force Base where we had a room reserved.  

We drove into Atlanta, spent $10 to park our car and then walked down to the Peachtree Center.  marriot-marquis-hotel-2






When we lived in Georgia 30+ years ago, we loved to go see the Marriot hotel which has an atrium from the top to the bottom. You can see by the pictures how dizzying the view is.  We took one of the glass elevators to the top but quickly went back down because we felt unsteady on our feet at that altitude looking down to the lobby below.

We found a nice Italian restaurant “Scallini’s” and had a relaxing dinner before heading back to the base for our last night in the Atlanta area.