We had been told that where we were staying was not far from the Tridentine parish in Georgia.  In the morning we got up and with a little, not too detailed map in hand, we took off.  A trip that should have taken us about 25 minutes took us an hour, because the major road shown on the map didn’t exist.  (Thank you Google maps).  So we barely arrived in time for Mass.  The church is a converted protestant church, and they have made it very traditional.  st-francis-de-sales-interior



Our return trip was no better, because a different map led us all over creation.  Anyway, we made it back, changed and ate the leftovers from our previous night’s dinner, packed up and went to the airport.

Along the way we saw this mysterious enormous Church of the Apostles.  There is nothing on line to explain it–what denomination, etc, but the edifice is impressive and beautiful.


We saw some wysteria which reminded me so much of my parents–Georgia is lovely at this time of year with the trees in bloom, and everything was super green.


We returned home to this–which is loveliness of a different sort: