My wonderful parents were married on this day in 1939–70 years ago.  My Dad died in 2000 and my Mom died two years ago come July.   They were wonderful parents and it is my prayer that they are celebrating their 70 years in Heaven.  I continue to pray for them and ask that their souls rest in peace.

luis and Aggie

Their gift to us today was the sale of the house they bought when Dad retired in 1973.  It has been on the market for about 1 1/2 years, and today it sold.  Perhaps Mom and Dad decided to wait till today to let go of their last earthly dwelling.

This was one of their hothouse plants which I brought home after Mom died.  I never even knew it was a bloomer.  But it started blooming on Dad’s birthday, May 3 and continues today.  Another little kiss from my wonderful parents.

Mama's hothouse plant 2