The other night the air was very still and hot.  I couldn’t sleep so I got up and went to a different room so as not to disturb my husband with my rustlings about.  I opened the window but since there was no breeze, I couldn’t escape the heat.  So I laid down on top of the bed and tried to doze.  Then it started.  Chirp.  I listened for more and there wasn’t any, so I began to doze again.  Then it was Chirp Chirp.  So I got up and started looking for the source, but it was sporadic and I couldn’t trace it.  Then the Chirp Chirp  became a beep.  Some moments later is was a beep beep.  By then, it was 11:30 p.m. and my husband was up and we were both trying to find the source.  We just couldn’t get to it at the time it was beeping and with the new codes, there are fire alarms all over the house.  We finally found the offender and changed the battery.  Ah, the quiet.  So we went back to bed and then, you guessed it, chirp.  Same alarm.  By this time, we were very frustrated so my husband fiddled and fiddled till he managed to disconnect the alarm from the ceiling.Smoke alarm connection


Mission accomplished we went back to our tossing and turning till we finally fell asleep.  Then, around 4:00 a.m.  it happened…..chirp, chirp.  This time, it was coming from a different direction.  So the quest began again.  This time it was the CO alarm in the basement.  Having had a real emergency before with CO, my husband didn’t ignore this one.  He went in and woke up our son to make sure he was OK, and assuring that he was fine, he took the alarm out of the wall, removed the battery, and went back to bed.

What a night.  Lesson learned?  Change the batteries when you change the clocks in the fall. Smoke alarm

Question:  Isn’t it strange that two alarms would go off on the very same night?  And why did the first alarm continue to chirp after the battery was replaced?