Miller time

May–ya gotta love it.  Lengthened days, a few actually warm enough to eat outside, a good steak on the grill, a Miller beer in hand.  You get the picture.  But you’re wrong….




Miller Time in Black Forest means miller time.  miller

The millers are awful this year, and with our unsealed construction project, they are even worse.  Last night, about midnight, I went into the bathroom where the only light (a nightlight) in the house was on.  My movement caused a swarm of millers around me–in my hair, in my face, and all around the room.  It was like a nightmare out of a Hitchcock film. 

Years ago I learned to set miller traps–sudsy water in a cup or bowl around a light.   This was the catch around midnight–close to the same number had been caught earlier in the evening.

Warning, the following picture may not be suitable for squeamish eyes.



One night's catch

Petition to my dear readers: 

 Please don’t report me to the SPCA. 


PS.  I thought the night before had been bad, but when I went into the kitchen last night, I counted about 50 moths on the ceiling.  So with my trap set, I prepared for the night.  In this pot are about 40 of the precious things.  Yikes!HPIM2599

I have become obsessed with drowning every one of them in my house.  Who knows how many are lurking in the shadows yet…