I have been leery of buying China-made anything, but particularly food and drugs because of the revelations in the last couple of years of tainted stuff.  When I was looking for aspirin several months ago, I called the 800 numbers on store-brand products and there was no problem with getting the answer to a simple question:  Where are these made?

Well my not-so-favorite store bullseye__V2546705_when asked the same question by the pharmacist to somebody on the other side of the 800 number responded:  “We follow the FDA regs and since this is “proprietary” we do not give out that information.”

To me that was a dead giveaway that their store-brand acetominophen may just be from China.  I can’t prove it because they aren’t telling. 

The country of origin is  a company secret, so reader beware…or as they used to say in Rome when people bought from street vendors caveat emptor.