This year our diocese is celebrating 25 years of existence.  It is also celebrating the 50th anniversary of  the ordination of our first Bishop.  We went to the gala which was a free event held at the Broadmoor Hotel, which is not exactly in the low-rent district.

Mass, concelebrated by several bishops from the region, preceded the dinner.  Bishop Hanifen was the homilist, so when he had a chance to speak at the dinner, he just cracked a couple of jokes and that was it.  

Tiramisu--yum We had chicken Wellington followed by tiramisu.  Being the Broadmoor, it was beautifully presented.  The Wellington was a bit on the tough and soggy side, but hey, they had to make if for hundreds of people and beggars can’t be choosers, right!




Since this was a “gala” I decided to dress up.  What I learned was that everybody has a different definition of what a gala is and how to dress for it.  My husband wore a sport coat, and due to an unfortunate miscommunication, our son ended up without a coat.  He likes to dress up for occasions like this, so he was dismayed to learn that his coat had been taken out of the car.  Anyway, some of the women were in capris and sleeveless blouses and some of the guys were in open neck collars.  Thankfully, nobody thought jeans and t-shirts were appropriate for this quarter-century celebration of the diocese.  But who hit the nail on the head and dressed appropriately for this type of occasion?  I felt over dressed, while Mike felt under dressed.  Crazy world we live in.

Larry & Fran at gala   Larry & Mike at Gala

Because we live in a “do-your-own-thing” world anymore, nobody really knows how to dress for various occasions.  What is “casual” or “semi-formal” or even “formal?”  What is a gala anyway? 

The evening was lovely, no matter how people dressed, and good wishes were flying for our first bishop and all the people of the diocese.  But the nagging question for me is “If I am invited to a gala at the White House, will I dress the same way that I dresssed for this gala, and if so, will I be under dressed?”