We used to have a man from Poland living with us who loved to go out in the area and hunt for mushrooms.  People who study fungi are called mycologists, but I don’t know what you call people who just know all about them, pick them, and then actually have the confidence to eat them.  Maybe you call them Smart, or Reckless, but I hold them in awe, even though I absolutely forbade my children from eating anything that our Polish guest offered them.

We have had a lot of rain here in Black Forest this summer.  So much so, that we have many species of fungi in abundance that are beautiful and interesting.  Recently when my sister was visiting, we took a walk with my granddaughters on our property and saw a wide variety of fungi.  I don’t know if they are technically called mushrooms but that is what I call them because I don’t know any better.  Homeschooling idea  The study of these interesting oddities would be a great homeschooling science project, providing proper precautions were taken.

Here are some we saw

Giant pink mushroomGiant Pink Mushroom

Giant white mushroomGiant White Mushroom

Large toadstoolsGiant Toadstools

Tiny brown mushroomTiny Brown Mushrooms

Yellow mushroomMedium Yellow Mushroom

Fairy lightsFairy Lights (according to Margaret)

Please try not to be too impressed with my clever naming of these fungi.  My knowledge of mycology is so limited that I don’t know a psychotropic from a morel or even a bolete or a pore from a gill, but I am fascinated with the variety that pops up after a bit of rain on the dry earth.

Oh.  Those hands which served as size markers belong to these lovely young ladies

Marie and Grandnieces