Being a mom is a source of many blessings.  It takes a lot of hard work for many years, and then when the kids are all grown you think you can now focus on other things.  I am not there yet, and frankly, don’t know if I ever will be.  Don’t get me wrong–my kids are great and don’t cause me any problems.  I bask in the knowledge that they are all practicing Catholics; that they are living honorable lives; that they are responsible; etc.  They are a constant source of joy in my life.

But the worries don’t stop when they grow up.  Larry tells me to pray more and not worry, because worrying doesn’t change anything.  I know he is right, but I can’t seem to turn down the worry button.  For instance…

Mike is in Europe for the semester.  He has had a bug that has had him coughing and feeling slightly off for about a month.  He has traveled, studied, written papers and gotten by.  But he just hasn’t been up to par.  I might as well be a million miles away because I can’t see him for myself and assess his problem. 

His class took its final trip last week to northern Italy.  While in Florence, his cough got the better of him and he landed in an Italian hospital.  His experiences there make me more convinced than ever that socialized medicine is not the way to go.   After putting him in an unheated waiting area and in line behind a bunch of other sick people, they wanted to keep him in for a week!  He has  a lung infection which the Italian doctor called “pulmonaris” and which the American doctor being consulted thinks is “pulmonitis.”  His treatment is two injections of high-powered antibiotics daily for the next 5 days, as well as a cortisone injection they gave him for the pain.  He left the hospital with a bag full of hypodermic needles, medicine and something for the cough.  Then he was put on a train by his professor back to Rome to recover and will not finish the trip with his class.  Now back in Rome, they have to bring in an Italian doctor twice a day to administer the antibiotics!

Think I’m sleeping peacefully?  Not.  But today, I spoke with him and he sounds good.  That is a consolation, but being Mom, I would really rather SEE him and assess how he is doing for myself.  Since that isn’t possible, I can only pray–try to turn off the worry button and trust that he will be OK.  As you finish reading this, would you please offer a prayer for his recovery?  Thanks.