For the last couple of weeks people on Facebook have been putting as their status something they are grateful for.    I think exercises like that are important (in whatever form they take) because we need to step back and remember that everything we have is a gift from God.  The gift may come from another, but it is ultimately His gift to us through others.

Such a gift has come to us through some dear friends, Andy and Susi, who have been hosting Mike, now fully recovered, over this Thanksgiving holiday.   They have introduced him to life in the Tyrol and have taken him to some lovely Bavarian sites.  But over and above the sight-seeing, they have extended hospitality and love to a young college student, far away from home.   We are gifted by knowing that one of our own is being nurtured and experiencing another country in a way that the average tourist never can.

So we thank you, Andy and Susi, and we ask God’s many blessings upon you. You are dear friends and we miss you.