I have spent the better part of the evening dealing with computer connection issues.  I have gotten “this page is not available” messages, “no connection to the internet” messages, etc.  I have booted and re-booted my computer, had Mike get me connected only to lose the connection when he leaves the room.  I have even opined that computers are a big waste of time.

Then reality hits and I consider everything I do on the computer.  I write and re-write study guides, I connect with my family and friends through email and facebook,  I shop, I pay my bills and check my account balances, I upload pictures to share with others, and I get much of my news, both secular and Catholic, from the internet.  When I am at a loss for what to prepare for dinner,  I google Cooks.com for ideas instead of opening up my cabinet which is full of cookbooks.  What would I do without my 5-year-old Sony VAIO?

I would write letters that nobody would answer, I would spend hours at the library doing research, I would write checks for my bills and stand in line to buy stamps to mail them.  I would have to take my camera to the photo shop to have the pictures downloaded for printing, I would have to shop in person for everything, and I might even have to buy an occasional newspaper or magazine to get the news.  On second thought, I simply wouldn’t do that!  (Buy a newspaper)

At any rate, you get the picture.  The computer is part of my personal modus operandi.  So connection frustrations aside, I simply can’t imagine life without my laptop, even though I acknowledge that things could get so bad that I would have to change.

We are planning an anniversary trip and I had just decided to purchase a small netbook to take along rather than risk losing my precious VAIO which also weighs quite a bit more than the mini.  After referring to an article my oldest son has recently sent about choosing laptops, I chose an ASUS and found one available locally.  Then, I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP……a message popped up on my screen saying my hard drive is crashing and I better back it up NOW!!!

Is my VAIO jealous that I am considering getting it a little sister for the trip?  Is it telling me that I am being disloyal in some way?  I have reassured it that the bulk of my work will not be done on the mini, and just to keep the VAIO running, in all this activity, I have ordered a brand new-upgraded hard drive.