I’m sure most of you have heard of “Parade of  Homes” tours  where you can visit numerous homes all expensively decorated for showing off.    It is kind of fun to see how “the other half” lives, and sometimes you can get ideas for fixing up your own home.

Today, we took a different kind of tour.   We were a bit overdressed, having come from church, but nobody seemed to mind. 

We are toying with the idea of having chickens so this caught my attention.

This is the egg box–so convenient for collecting the eggs in the morning after the hens have laid them for your breakfast

This was a very nice coop which was made out of a dog kennel and run.  Inside the high fence is the house in which the hens roost for the night, (aptly named the hen house)!

It was very orderly and even provided this cute little stairway to the nest!

Everywhere we went the city chicken farmers spoke about the problems with foxes–some even have bears and other wildlife to contend with.  Yes, I said CITY chicken farmers.  This was a tour inside Colorado Springs where people are allowed to have 10 chickens but no roosters.  Seems it’s OK to be waken by barking dogs but not OK to be waken by roosters.

The owner of this coop had to create a safe haven inside his coop for his chickens after an evil fox killed 5 of his chickens on Easter morning.   Foxes can stoop pretty low, or climb pretty high to get carry-out chicken,  so they present the biggest challenge to chicken farmers, even in the city.

While we didn’t pick up any ideas for decorating our home on this tour, we did get some ideas for creating our own coop, should we finally decide to do it.