As everybody around us has already sent their kids off to school, many who home-school are still squeezing out the last few warm days of summer with their children.  They may be helping with the harvest, enjoying vacations or just relaxing before getting down to the business of studying once again.

There are many good home-school programs out there.  I am addressing this particularly to Catholic home-schoolers, because that is my primary focus.  If you haven’t quite decided what curriculum or supplemental materials to use, take a look here for some great ideas.   Aquinas and More carries curriculum materials for Mother of Divine Grace, Seton Home School, Kolbe Academy and St. Thomas Aquinas Academy.  In addition, they have some fantastic materials for imparting the Faith for all ages, from the Faith and Life Series to the Didache for high school, as well as other programs targeted to teaching apologetics and scripture.  For those who prefer, the popular books by Fr. Laux are available, such as Introduction to the Bible, Church History, Chief Truths of the Faith and Mass and the Sacraments.

For the students using a classical curriculum, the Latina Christiana series offers not only Latin studies, but books on handwriting, Logic, Rhetoric and studies in Ancient Greece, Rome and the Middle Ages.   As the students move into high school, the series of classical study guides will prove very helpful to help the students unlock the mysteries of the classical literature they will read.  These guides are soon to be available in digital form for individual download.

If you want a curriculum that spells everything out for you complete with lesson plans, check out the Mother of Divine Grace program.

If you are new to homeschooling, you might want to take a look here for suggestions and encouragement in this most worthwhile endeavor of teaching your children.   You are not alone–many people are opting to teach their own children, and if you have questions, you only have to ask.

May God bless you as you enter the wild wonderful world of home education.  Don’t forget to begin every day with prayer and to ask St. Anne, who taught Our Lady, to intercede for you for patience and wisdom.